Unfold your phone – the tangible AR way

At neARtracker.com, we share the vision of using the physical world as a big pervasive digital display and fusion it with the power of smart mobile devices. It is a bold and mid-to-long-term bet, but we think the dominating current trend of wearable near-eye displays is going to reverse at some point, once technology allows for truly ubiquitous pervasive displays “out there”.

It is along this lines of thought that we develop applications showcasing our vision of combining the ease of use of a smartphone with the immersive-ness of spatial AR  and pervasive displays – our tracking sensor makes this possible already. You can think of these applications as regular smartphone apps, but additionally with the key ability to “unfold” your smartphone onto a larger, more immersive physical display.

The first application is a collaborative photo sharing illustrating the key concept of “unfolding” photo content onto a shared physical display and use the smartphone to manipulate, present and share pics.

The second application is a tangible Air Hockey AR game that uses a smartphone for real-time interaction on a projected surface. Just as the previous app, it combines both near-surface AR on the smartphone’s display and spatial AR on the larger display.

Enjoy !


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