What’s inside ?

One of the many use cases for near-surface Augmented Reality is taking a really close look at what’s inside something without taking it apart. Conventional AR technology cannot zoom in enough for this kind of application because it relies on inside-out tracking of the device position and orientation. This works well both indoor and outdoor, but stops working when getting too close to plain surfaces: tracking is lost and the magic is gone.

NeARtracker is all about bringing the lost AR magic back and being able to place innovative AR content formats overlaid directly on printable physical flat surfaces, including features like annotations and an e-commerce “paper interface”. Here’s how it turns a smartphone into a “magic lens” showing the inner life of a MacBook pro – something we envision to be used for training, industrial marketing or simply understanding complex things.

This “paper app” has been sketched up in less than ten minutes using the powerful Vuforia + Unity combo and, of course, our neARtracker sensor. Enjoy !


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